Our Mission

We work to nurture and support a network of young people who are working for climate justice. To us, this means:

-trying to impact an unstable climate by addressing the root causes of the climate crisis

-confronting and changing the tide of worsening racial inequality

-empowering bold and beautiful alternatives to a dangerously unfair, collapsing economy

We know this is hard work and we believe that creating a committed network of youth activists is an essential piece of reaching these goals.

Action Camp Schedule
 if you can only come to part of camp please try to make it during one of our drop in days sun-thurs between 8am-8pm. 

especially for Mon. direct action training!  

  • Sunday august 2nd

  • 11am-2pm arrival.

  • 2-7pm camp kick off, orientation, games and action briefing (all youth welcome!!) 


  •  MondaY:

  • 2-5:30pm Direct action training & art workshop opening!

  • 7pm MOVIE NIGHT!


  • Tuesday: 

  • Workshops all day 

  • action arts production intensive

  • swim #1

  • 7pm campfire 


  • WEdnesday:

  • workshops all day 

  • 12:30 Liberation lunch with special guests

  • thursday:

  • action prep & workshops all day

  • 7pm variety show

  • friday:

  • action day (details TBA)

  • we will be off site most of the day friday

  • saturday:

  • backwoods day - spend time in the deep trees, build fires and shelters

  • campfire cookout 

  • optional backwoods camping

  • Alternate - final action arts production session

  • sunday:

  • the last swim!

  • pick up @ 4 - 5:30 pm



camp LIFE and Accommodations

Our goal is to support and inspire camp participants in their work and play as agents of change working towards a just, equitable and live-able future. youth participants will have lots of opportunity to be involved in workshops focused on direct Action Arts and skill building, social and eco justice, Wilderness adventure, Ecological Agriculture,music, media and more. Camp is also all about having fun and building the kind great friendship that can change the world.

As we live and grow together we will all share in the collective work of cooking and chores (which also changes the world). 

Camp accommodations are rustic (and nice!): wall tents, private outdoor showers & outhouses, An outdoor kitchen and sheltered workshop spaces. Youth are welcome to bring their own personal tents as well. We will do all we can to accommodate personal needs. 



  • UPRISE will be held Aug 2 - 9, 2019

    at the Grassroots Center in Marshfield VT


Details of field trips and daily schedule are forthcoming


  • Cost: FREE- $500 (we offer partial and full scholarships, pay what you can!)


There will be all kinds of workshops, including ones offered by teens! Below are some major areas of focus for camp

Action Arts

The arts program will be a mixture of performance, printmaking, music and other creative action skills. Participants will meet and work with members of the world-renowned Bread and Puppet Theater Company and other arts & justice mentors to create their own art: banners,

t-shirts, performance, prints. Campers will also get a chance to perform in the world-famous Bread & Puppet Circus. They will learn political art history, performance, and “cheap art” technique.

Direct Action:

Together we will explore tactics and strategies of non-violent direct action.  From banner hanging to blockading, sit-ins to tree climbing (taught by professional arborists) we will delve into the history of social movement actions from around the globe.  Things will get wild in our live action role-plays when participants have the chance to put their skills, courage and creativity to work 


Wilderness Mentorship

Surrounded by more hundreds of acres of field and forest, participants will have an abundance of opportunity to adventure and connect with the natural world.  Teens will be guided by experienced wilderness mentors and challenged to learn and develop skills of navigation, fire making, shelter building, handcrafts, wild foods and medicine, tracking, stealth, fitness and more.  These workshops will be wild, super fun and full of surprises! 

Agroecology:  Ecological Agriculture

A hands-on mix of agriculture, ecology, and food justice workshops involving permaculture, gardening, herbalism, and animal husbandry. Field trips to Wheelock Mountain Farm,  Black Dirt Farm and the Hewitt Homestead (home to two of our youth staffers) will offer plenty of food for thought. Led by farmers and leaders in these fields, we will enjoy a wealth of local expertise, and the abundance of the land around us.  


Pedagogy: Constructivism - Integrating complex subject matter through experiential activities & supportive debriefs. Horizontal Learning - Sharing knowledge with respect for diverse knowledge & lived wisdom.




Participants will bring a Jolly Rancher corporation to life by playing workers, managers, and the CEO. Next, participants will act out a worker-owned cooperative Jolly Rancher factory. A collective debrief of the activity will examine the meaning of the term “economy,” and how laborers create value through their work. Participants will then discuss how the capitalist system of production relies on and creates social inequity, while the cooperative production model can foster social justice.





Participants will expand on the Jolly Rancher corporate model by examining how raw materials are acquired within a capitalist economy. The session will explore how the perpetually expanding nature of the capitalist system creates ecological collapse, including climate change. Campers will then discuss how ecological destruction intersects with systems of racial oppression to create environmental racism.





Through a zine and interactive group discussion session, participants will examine the racialized and gendered nature of the capitalist system. They will explore the meaning of unwaged labor and unequal exchange, gaining deeper insight into how the capitalist system functions. Campers will learn how changing the economic system is necessary for addressing systemic injustices.





Through a zine and photo-based story telling activity, this workshop will introduce participants to different post-capitalist systems including socialism, communism, democratic socialism, anarchism, and democratic confederalism, as well as revolutionary anti-capitalist social movements like the Black Panthers, the Zapatistas, Cooperation Jackson, the Palestinian Liberation Front, the Cuban Revolution, and Standing Rock. Campers will then write letters to incarcerated Black Panther Russell Maroon Shoatz about what they’ve learned from revolutionary movements of the past and how that knowledge will inform their organizing today.





Participant teams will choose an element of society to re-design within a utopic post-capitalist system (examples: education, distribution of resources, community accountability, relationships to the non-human etc). The teams will present their ideas to the rest of the group, followed by a discussion of the importance of not only fighting against capitalism --but for alternatives based on cooperation and deep democracy.  

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